replacement pump for 230 skimmer..



I purchased a second hand Tunze skimmer about a year and a half ago, I believe it is the 230 model. Well it appears that the powerhead/pump has locked up or just seized. I attempted to clean it to no avail.

Can you tell me if I can purchase just the replacement powerhead and about how much it would cost?

I would suggest sending it to see if we can repair it. A new pump is available but the cost is $94.10 for just the motor block or $163.75 for the complete pump. In 90% of cases only a cleaning and new drive unit is required and this is les than $30 in most cases. The pump is thermally protected and excessive abuse- running dry or seized for a week or more is required to destroy the motor.


thanks for your reply.

Can you please provide me with the procedure I must follow to send the item for repair. Will you need the whole skimmer or just the powerhead/pump?

look forward to your reply and am keeping my fingers crossed that it's a $30 repair as opposed to $100 or more.