replacing bulbs soon


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what is a good HQI bulb for SPS. i dont want to bleach anything. i want good color while having decent growth.

i dont really want to much blue.

i just am unsure of the difference between 10k and 14k since i have never used either in halide form.

what would you reccomend? i am supplimenting actinic pc's also.



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I really, really like my pheonix 14k 250. All my colors are great and i get good growth. If you want to see it sometime let me know.


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My friend has the Phoenix 14K 250w DE's over his 120g tank....the light color is crisp white with a blue hue..definitely able to see the blue hue. He only has soft corals under them though:(


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yes, it does. Odessya told me that they use some 150's in their 175 ballasts and it does over drive them.

they also told me that thier new ballasts have had no probelms with fire.... should i believe them????

they told me if i dont wanna buy german bulbs, i can just use other 150's with the 175 ballast


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You should have asked them what problems the have on the new ballast, not what was wrong with the old ones that you don't have.