Resplendent Pygmy Angelfish $$ Shot


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Here's a good money shot for you guys, Centropyge Resplendens... at liveaquaria's price of $1000/ea... well you can do the math. :) The specimens are from a Japanese reef store in which the photographer and his crew are making a reef hobbyist DVD.

I saw a similiar picture that Tanaka linked to from that B-Box's website on the recent Grifissi thread. In that pic there was only 5, but in this one.. there are 8. Wow.



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Those are sweet! $8000 is A LOT!!
BTW I think there is 9, see the two at the bottom? Well right above the top on it looks like there is one facing the camera.


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Good eye edwing! I think you are right.

So either you can buy 9 Resplendent's for $9K or you can buy one Peppermint for $10k. ;)


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it is illegal, but that doesn't stop people for making a buck :)
1000 is pretty good for one. Surprised it isn't up at atleast 2K.

Jens Kallmeyer

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It is illegal to collect them from Ascension Island and they live so deep and remote that even the local divers don't know these fishes. Peter Schmiedel and I were there a few years back and only through advice from the former dive buddy of Roger Lubbock we were able to see these fishes. They live at least 100 ft deep and far out, we only found one spot where we could access their colonies from land.

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Live Aquaria had some for sale a while ago, but they were captive rasied, probably by Frank Baensch. I'm guessing these are or were some of those. I dont think he has bred true resplendants in a while.