Salifert test kits and other chemicals


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Since I am taking down my tank I have some Salifert test kits to get rid of. They are all partially used but have well over half the tests left in each one. The price for these kits is getting quite high lately so I would like to get $7 per kit.
I have the following:
Calcium (does expire August 2008)

I also have:
new 10 sheet package of Green Marine Algae ($5)
1 oz pkg of Omega One Marine Flakes ($2)
1 oz container Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp ($3)
2 oz container Freeze Dried Plankton-partial ($3)
500g ReefPure Marine pH Buffer ($5)
500g ReefPure Kalkwasser Plus ($5)

I live in the NW valley. First option will be given to those purchasing the critters and equipment listed yesterday.