Sand or Rock First


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Hi All,
New to the hobby and got my first 75g tank. However I have had a few different opinions on whether to add the sand or the rock to the tank first.
What is everyones opinion on this?
Many thanks in advance
Put your LR in then sand around it. This way if you get any fish or invert that digs your rockwork will not topple. Just this past weekend My clown fairy wrasse was sleeping in a small area he dug out under a rock and my eel also dug under the rock and the wrasse was crushed. Poor little guy he was my favorite fish too
I will also chime in and say rock first. I have a sand sifting goby and it has dug all the way down to the glass. I was glad to have placed my rock in first.
I placed my sand first. I would have gone back and placed my rock first though. My nassarius snails have shifted my rock structure.
I do sand first, because I use deep sand beds and don't want to bury a bunch of rock. If you're using an inch or so of sand for looks, either way is fine, IMO.
Putting shaped egg crate down before adding either will protect your glass against rock sitting against the bottom.
I did sand first, but if I could do it again I'd do the rock first. I've some shifting as critters dig around under the rocks