SCUBA St. Maarten pics


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My wife and I recently got back from a Caribbean Cruise. On one of our SCUBA dives a professional photographer came down and took some amazing pictures. Just wanted to share some.







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Beautiful shots. Very carribean. I love the trunkfish, filefish and puffer.I wonder if some people keep carribean type tanks with sponges, tunicates, sea fans, corky fingers etc. All of our tanks appear to be dominated with indo-pacific creatures.


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Very nice ,it warms my heart to see such cool pics and with the weather we are getting It really helps


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Great pics.

I've done a bit of snorkelling off Grand Caymen, and while I'm no pro (diving or photographing), they key in my experience is lighting... it's hard to get good pics without a good flash.


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Yeah, the camera setup this guy had was insane. digital SLR...I think a Canon, with a housing, light filters and strobe. He said it was a $5000 setup.


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great pics looks like you had a great time. we went snorkeling in the dominican and saw alot of awesome corals and fish but did not have a underwater camera. We did use a throw away camera worked only ok.Thanks for sharing Scott


I'm jellous! Those pictures are beautiful!!! When my wife and I were in Jamaica last year, we went out snorkeling. No more than 25 feet from the boat did my wife get stabbed in the thigh by some sort of staghorn. She shouted, "$#*%" and I looked torward her. There was blood swirling in the water like a Jaws movie. We went back to the boat for some medical attention. That was the end of my snorkeling career.