selling my whole tank setup


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hello from the past

straight to the point.
im in sf
the tank is in bellflower at a friends house.
i need to sell it.
here is the system.
24x24 acrylic tank with external overflow
ikea 34ish inch reenforced stand
custom 20x20 sump with 10g flow area and a 5g separated fresh water top off
ARO 175w mh
reeflux 20k
lumenbright small
ato top off
2 tunzes
custom fragracks(super strong,used long bars)
koralia 2
rio 2000? return pump
Vertex IN-100 Internal Pinwheel Protein Skimmer
nice amount of premium rock
bunch of high quality zoas.
you gotta check it out its all part of the deal
tank went through an earthquake where the electricity went out.
half of my stuff died mostly the sps.
all i have now are the zoas.
most of them are pretty high end.
and some i dont even know because you gotta heal them
o and a nice 4 stage filter RO/DI unit with a ppm readout.

562 290 2785
located in bellflower on bellflower and imperial

how it used to look

sorry for the low quality pictures.








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man you where right down the street from me. if you are moving back LMK maybe i can store it for you or something so you dont need to get out.


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am i asking for to much?

not sure brotha... maybe ppl dont got that on hand? in any case, beautiful tank... hate to see you go.

didnt really look where your located but i am trying to get into zoos so wouldn't mind snagging some frags and i am interested in the MH since i just bought a 24x24 cube this past weekend... please PM me if interested in parting some stuff out.... might also be willing to pick up the sump depending on the price. if interested in selling those things if you part out as mentioned please pm or email: and like i said before... hate to see you go bro :(