Shark Tank


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i am new to all this and i just found out that you can have real sharks and not these freshwater ones petco sells. i live in wisconsin so its hard to find these things out. well to start i have a 55g tank i know i would have to get something bigger. but i just want a run down of what i need and how i should go about doing this? for example raise him in the 55g and purchase a 150 or somthing later ? please help i am so excited to start working on this. i have been reading all day! and i just cant wait so please any info will help! i dont know which shark i would get either thought about the black banded or the bamboo. thanks!


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your going to need something bigger for a shark to be happy in than a 150 your probably looking in the 300 + range and i wouldnt even buy a shark until you have this large tank set up and established. sharks can be a lil tough to get to eat sometimes and will require alot of time and effort and a large tank please do alot of research before getting one of these animals and housing it in a tank that he will out grow quickly and not have room for him its very stress , patience is everything get the bigger tank then think about it