Small tank going from Reef to FOWLR


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I started the hobby with a 29 Gallon Biocube and recently upgraded to a 110 gallon tall tank.

I found it very hard to maintain proper levels in the Biocube and some of my coral suffered because of it. This has not been a issue at all in the 110 gallon so I've slowly started to move coral over to it. They look better already.

Anyway, I suspect that the Biocube will become a FOWLR tank (it has a clown and firefish that would likely not get along with the clowns and firefish in the 110 gallon.

Anything I should know about transitioning from a Reef to FOWLR?


:sad2: I have a 90 gallon - and I too wanted to go reef but despite keeping my Nitrite and ammonia levels at Zero, my nitrates low and using a bioreactor, I STILL couldn't keep ANY damn corals f my life depended on it, with the exception of those dumb looking mushrooms!

All of my fish are doing great, and my inverts seem to be doing pretty well too ( I have 2 cleaner shrimp, snails, dwarf hermits, 2 sea urchins and a feather duster).
I have the Current Orbit Marine Pro LEDs and VorTech power heads. I also dosed with alkalinity and calcium. No success! :sad2:
Why ask why, right???
Since switching to primarily FOWLER, there's been more peace and sanity in my tank, and in my life. It's the way to go!
The only thing I will say is that FOWLR could work in a biocube, but you will only be able to keep a FEW fish, and only the VERY small, docile fish!
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