Spark's 75 Gallon SPS


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Tank First Started: December 22nd 2013

The Tank

  • 75 Gallon Lemair 3 sided Starfire
  • 40 gallon breeder sump/refuge
  • SC MiniS Skimmer
  • AquaMax Reactor
  • Jabo 12000DC
  • MP40 x2
  • Custom LED+T5 lights
  • BRS Dosers x2
  • Apex Controller
  •'s ATO
  • 5 gallon ATO container
  • Par light bulb for refuge


  • Clown Tang
  • Firefish
  • Melanurus Wrasse
  • Ocellaris Clownfish x2
  • Powder Brown Tang
  • Royal Gramma Basslet
  • Six Line Wrasse
  • Starry Blenny
  • Vila Fairy Wrasse
  • Yellow Tang


5 Gallon Water Change - every Sunday

Clean Skimmer Cup - once a week

Vinegar bath pumps - every other month

Auto Dosing

  • 48 ml/day of BRS 2 Part Alkalinity at 4 ml every 2 hours for 12 hours
  • 60 ml/day of BRS 2 Part Calcium at 2.5 ml every 1 hour for 24 hours




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No reason to be negative man. They are fine. If you don't like it go kill someone else thread to show off how happy they are with their tank. This is not my first tank just the first one I've ever posted on here and most of you guys on here make me not want to post on here.


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Tank looks good. What kind of led+t5 lights you have? What bulbs?

Don't worry about the Tang police, its all good, just move them once they outgrow the tank.


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I'm a BIG fan of fish overstocking. How old is this tank? Do you have any tips to make sps happy along with fish overstock?


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Wow, nice tank! This is very similar to the 80g Lee Mar I'm working on now, so great inspiration for me. My stand is taking FOREVER, but I hope to have mine set up by the end of summer. Your rock scaping looks great!


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Spark's 75 Gallon SPS

Thanks for the overstocking support lol. I'm running a DIY LED t5 combo. 20RB, 4CB, 3UV, and 3NW. All LEDs are Philips and purchased from StevesLEDs. For the T5 I am running 2xCoralPlus and 2xBluePlus.

This tank was started up December 22nd but I pre cycled all water as well as all sand and rock come from a cycled tank. This allowed me to do a quick swap from all my fish and corals being in my frag tank to moving in to this tank with in a week with no coral or fish lose.

As far as keeping SPS happy try to keep your PO4 under .05ppm and all coral will use fish poo for food but if your over stocking make sure you have a skimmer that's over rated for your tank. Mine is rated for a 150 gallon with a heavy bio load. The best advice I can give is keep your hands out of your tank.

The reason why I'm posting this tank here is to showcase it and help other people. I'm happy to see such questions and willing to answer anything to help someone else who may want to start a tank like this. The bad news is because of a current living situation I'll be shutting it down next month for 8months to a year. The good news is when I set it back up I'll rescape and stock it again with lots of fish and acro's.
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Spark's 75 Gallon SPS

This photo was taken a day or 2 day after I set it up. Only a few corals were in here at this point.


Frag tank before I started setting this one up.



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Sorry man, I didn't want to come off negative. I was just speaking from my own experience and extensive amount of research. Although I may not agree with your fish list, your SPS look great!

What are your parameters, especially nitrate and phosphate?


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Looks great, don't worry about the comments on your fish. Most people who have extensively researched the hobby have found out how to keep 10 fish in a 75 gallon without issues :lolspin:


I love bengals
Haha, I would love to see the entries for the quote of the month!

OP can you show me a pic of your light fixture and tell us how high it is?


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Ha,,, I did a poll on who is overstocking here on RC. I think it was titled," So what is overstocking these days ? " There were three categories, understocked,average and overstocked. When I last looked, overstocked was winning. It was in a tie with the total of the other two categories !!! I have 12 in a 75gal. I too firmly believe in their waste feeding and supplying my nitrates and phosphates for all of my corals. I too have a huge, over-rated skimmer. I also turn it off for an hour or so every other night to feed phytoplankton and rotifers. You growth rate is impressive. I set my tank up May, 29th 2013. But I was running Kalk in ATO up till about a month ago. Then I started 2-part dosing. I can definitely tell a difference already ! Wish I had started earlier. So how far along before you started dosing ? Were any of them colonies when you stocked them ??? Tank looks awesome, I think you still have room for another fish !!!