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Is anyone using stock photo services like Shutterstock to sell images? Any good ones out there for aquarium-related shots?

More and more, I've been having editors pass on buying my photos in place of them using generic images from stock photo services. I guess if I can't beat 'em, I ought to join 'em!


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I've never used them, but I'm just beginning to work with a designer I met in Florida. She saw some of my pics and wanted to use a couple. I've been working on shots and sending them to her via email. If she likes something all she has to do is email me, then I can get the higher res pics to her. Don't know how well it'll work yet, but we'll see.


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I've got some friends using Shutterstock. The biggest problem is that to make any kind of real money you need a catalog of thousands of images.

Photoshelter, Livebooks and similar sites, are also ways to get in front of more editorial buyers. The caveat is that you have to pay up front and they're not cheap.


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Thanks. I only have around 200 good "commercial" photos, so it doesn't seem that will work with Shutterstock's business model, and the ones to pay for the listing probably isn't cost-effective either - ah well, just a thought......