Substrate Choices in 24g AP


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I cant decide what type of substrate to run in my aquapod 24g..
I'm thinking of doing florida crushed coral..
What does everyone else use in their smaller tanks..
I plan on getting a blue spot jawfish again..
Would they do alright with the larger substrate?


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I have and like the look of florida crushed coral in my 125 gallon...0 nitrates but I syphon the gravel once a month of what I can see and get too.


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I use CaribSea Reef Grade Sand, Its a pretty good size i think its from 1mm-1.5mm, the OOlite Sugar Size is really nice, gives ur tank a really pristine look its .5mm-1mm, great for sand sifting fish. The smaller the size the less food, waste etc is trapped.

I had crushed Coral, but made the switch the more I learned about it.And it did just hold Waste.. If you like the look of larger particles mix 2 different sized substrates. But use common sense.


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I have the agra-alive bermuda pink as well and am generally happy with it. I was afraid the oolite would be so small as to cause too many sandstorms and too much drifting. The bermuda pink has a nice look to it, but even with some nassarius and ceriths, it's tough to keep the surface clean of general crud/droppings (it's not diatom or cyano) and I've yet to figure out a way to siphon it up without messing up what is only a 1" SSB, which is there only for appearance. Maybe the oolite might have turned out to be a better choice for looks, but I think keeping its surface nice and clean might have been even worse.

The 20 lb bag will be all you need for a SSB for the AP, if anything, I had to remove some to be sure I had a solid surface for my LR and still keep the SB at around an inch.