sump question


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I'm very close to finally setting up my first full reef system. My question is am I going to make my sump 2 chambers or 3?

I have a new empty 20 gallon long ready to go in case I want to do with 3 chamber. I also have a prefabricated DIY 20 gallon long 2 chamber.

I will not be delving into SPS anytime in the near future. That being said in a year or so from now I would like to have hey Dragonette and therefore I would really like to have a refugium sooner than later.

In order to have a refugium do I need the sump to be 3 chambers where can I get away with making 1 in the return chamber or something like that?

If I need to have 3 chambers is the 20 gallon long big enough to do so? I will attempt to include a picture of my protein skimmer and return pump inside the 20 long.

Thanks all.
You can either split your return to feed both chambers or T off your return to feed the fuge. I opted for feeding return via the return pump


I have a 20H as a sump with 3 chambers. The Eugene area is smaller than I would like, but serviceable.