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OK it seems that Im being overrun by copods, the glass on the back of my tank is filled w/ these creatures running around, I know there good n all but none of my fish care that they are there, what do I get that will benefit w/ these things

this is what i have know,
1 percula
1 lawnmower blenny
1 fire fish
1 BHP (I know, I know)
1 hawaiian feather duster
1 anemone
A very small colony of xenia
6 hemits
5 snails

oh yeah will someone tell me how did I get such a huge population of these things all of a sudden, I have no fuge, sump, or macro algae in tank


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with all the talk of how good copods are, I cant believe no one can advise on a livestock that will benefit from these copods, I really dont want to get a manderin for a few days, then have to take it back due to it being a high maintnance fish


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I say leave them be. they will eventually die off or reduce in numbers. When setting up my tank I had dozens of them and now only a few are seen. Ive read eventually they will die off bc your tank can only support so many, and Im now finding that to be true.


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Pods go through cycles of high/low populations depending on the availability of food (leftover fish food, detritus, each other, etc.).

When the food supply goes down, so will their population. In the meanwhile, enjoy the free fish food (they're being eaten, you just probably don't see it happening) and extra clean-up crew.


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My false percs like to eat the pods. Otherwise, I agree with everyone else. They go through stages and will eventually calm down.


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Why not get a mandarin and keep it?

I would love to get a manderin, but what haoppens when he eats all of all the copods, than what I heard they are real picky eaters, again I would love to have one, do they have any alternative foods

thanks for all the advice


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You can sometimes find them at pet stores that will take prepared foods. You can also sometimes train them to take prepared foods. The problem with both of those statements is that they have "sometimes" in them... heh.

Check this article: http://joshday.com/mandaringoby.htm



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a mandarin or a scooter blenny willl eat those pods but you will need a fughe in a few months they will eat all of them.