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I am very new at this. i am looking at a few fish to put in a tank before i get started. i kinda know what im getting myself into. im just trying to figure out from the more experienced on what would work. here is a list of fish i want to look into:

anthias bartlett
butterfly copperband/longnose
royal gramma
mandarin pair
(i know of the care level of these fish, but always welcome advise)
tailspot blenny
-true percula
yellow tang
fridmani psuedo
yellow headed jawfish
longfin fairy wrasse
purple firefish
peperment shrimp
blood shrimp
banded coral shrimp
sifting stars

what in your opinion will go with what?
say what you truly think, i dont get offended easily.


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Allright, you will have to choose a species of clownfish as they don't usually mix well. So either a pair of ocellaris, perks or bicinctus. Copperbands can be difficult to get eating to say the least, most don't adapt well.They are not exactly reef safe either. Some eat certain corals while others never touch a thing. Other than that everything will work aggression wise ( yellow tangs can get mean with age) Make sure you don't add the sand stars until a good 8-12mths so your sand bed can become well established so the stars actually survive. ( Another thing that doesn't do the greatest in captivity)

Oh and you will need some sort of lid to keep the jawfish, anthias and wrasses IN the tank and not on the floor. Look into a DIY bird netting top


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thanks nikon. yeah i was planning on one of the species of clown. if copperbands are sketchy they are out for now. i want the pods and everything else in the tank to be very populated. im thinking of leaving it with LR and LS for quite a while. plenty of time for fish, inverts, and lanscaping.



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The mandarins will need a lot of live rock and let it get established for at least six months before adding them. That should let the pod population build up enough to sustain them.


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ytbj im planning on letting the the tank set with just LR and LS for a long while to let things grow. not in any rush to get the tank stocked. im planning on having at least 150# of LR and a 2-3 inch sand bed. i want the mandarins to thrive and get fat so my biggest concern is letting the pod population explode. once everthing seems to be ALIVE i will start on the livestock. thanks for the advice. any and all is welcome. and im sure im gonna need alot more once i start.