Tempered glass thickness


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Hello folks,

I'm in the process of building a new tank. it would be 66 X 30 X 30. I'm planning to use tempered glass.

Can anyone guide me on the glass thickness for tempered glass?




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Can I ask why you want tempered?
When I was building my tank, I was great,y advised against tempered even by the glass manufacturers.
Also what r the dimensions of the tank? The height is what determines thickness the most.
Also what type of bracing, etc?


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according to calculators they recommend 12mm glass. I thought if i can use 8mm glass but tempered that would be cheaper for me.


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Part of the reason for thicker glass is stronger/thicker seams between the panes. Going with thinner tempered glass will kinda hurt you in that regard, especially on a big tank.


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@mcgyvr - i was planning on drilling and then tempering

GimpyFin - that sounds logical but any other reasons ?