territorial requirements of stonogobiops nematodes: highfin goby


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...through a sump-trip and accidents, I ended up with 2 male and one female highfin.

I can now report with some authority that a mated set of highfins requires a 12" radius around their burrow to be their territory.

Fights take the form of gaping and snapping, comparing mouths, as it looks to be, ending in a bite.

The presence of a candycane shrimp may trigger wars for possession of same.

This is not a situation I chose, and I hope it resolves soon with firm territorial lines or I will be goby-fishing to get one chap elsewhere.

The fighting does not spread to other species, who can cross here with no problem: only the jawfish, who has been tossed out of a burrow by one of the combatants who wishes to camp as close to the couple as possible, is really out of sorts.
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