These things are cool!


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These things are so cool!

I almost wish I got one! ;)

Where do they originate? The indo-pacific?

Could I set up a little tank for one? Do you ever see them? What do you feed them?

TIA (sry bout all the questions!:D )

ps I could feed him my all my hitchhiker crabs!
They originate from around the world.You could set up a tank for one.I see mine a lot.If it's a spearer you feed it fish or shrimp.If it's a smasher......hermit crabs,snails,shrimp,other crabs,clams,etc.
Do some research first,here's a good place to start:The Lurker's Guide Good luck!
Okay, I read most of the "lurkers guide" and have a few questions:

1) What type of Mantis Shrimp are the desirable ones?
2) What are the colorful ones? (I gathered that there the "Clowns", but whats the scientific name? is it the O or the G one?:rolleyes:
3) A ten gallon tank with a junky "whisper" filter (I got three at yard sales) would be okay? I saw you had them on your tanks... (I've got two smalls and a bigish one :rolleyes:)
4) What can I keep with it? I was thinking a dwarf lion, but in a ten gallon tank?
5)where can I get one?

you can keep him in a 10 gallon tank (until he gets big). 10's have thin glass so as he approaches 4 inches or there abouts... you might want to start thinking bigger or aryclic tanks...

pass on the drawf lion. they are still way too large for a 10. They really need a 40 or better.

mine seems to like krill and to date has left pretty much everything alone but he is still only 2 inches long.

i wouldn't put anything else in the tank that you didn't mind loosing. go for a damsel or two. but at somepoint they may be fodder (though less likely with a smasher).