Thinking about adding another fish


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I've been wanting to add another fish for a while, but have been waiting until I move. Now that I've finally moved, I think its time. I already have what most people would consider enough fish, but my nitrates and phosphates are zero and my tank has been running for almost 2 years.

My tank is 48x18x18 (65 Gallons) and has lots of swimming room with very few rocks. It also has sand and a top for jumpers. I currently have the below fish, let me know if you have any ideas of what to add.

Blue Tang
Yellow Tang
2 Clown Fish
Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse
Yellow Watchman Goby
Algae Blenny
Cleaner Shrimp
Blue Linkia Starfish
Lots of snails and crabs

And of course lots of SPS and Zoas.

I want to stay away from fish that I need to feed very often like Anthias.


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A green fish like the melanarus would be nice.

My outta left field pic is two small chalk bass.

Other thoughts...
Dwarf angel like a potters or flameback... Sleepless nights thinking about your sps
Cardinals... Pair of bangaiis or yellow streaked
Leopard wrasse.


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Thanks all, I ended up adding a Melanarus wrasse. Surprisingly he was instantly friends with my other wrasse, lets hope it stays that way.


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My new wrasse always goes to sleep a couple hours before the lights to out, so I haven't seen where he sleeps. But tonight he waited for the lights to go out, maybe cause he ate a ton of food today?? Anyway, it was the first time I've seen a wrasse bury itself in the sand, very cool!! And funny cause my sand is only a half inch deep, but seems deep enough for him to lay on his side.