Tiger Pistol Shrimp creating a sandstorm


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Hey all. I bought a Splendid Goby and a Tiger Pistol Shrimp pair 4 days ago. Since I added the pair, the shrimp has been creating a big sand storm. I was keeping away from certain gobies, because they are known to create sand storms, but I wasn't aware that pistol shrimps did this. Is this temporary until he builds all of his dens, or will this be something he always does?
I hate looking at this cloudy water!



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Mine did this at first also. But as time passed and he had some tunnels dug the sand storm quit. Now day to day I see that he pushed some sand around, but nothing like when he is first digging.



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Hope that's the case with mine too Joe. He's really cool to watch, I just hate looking at a tank of cloudy water! :) Anyone else?


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Mine caused a bit of a sandstorm when i first got him but now he has pretty much dug up the sand under the rocks and has his tunnels and stuff. I still see him pushing sand around but nothing bad. I always see little specs in the water but its not cloudy or anything.


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I have one to. Relentless little guy.
Needless to say he isn't going into my next tank. Maybe a 10g for him and a buddy.
Thats what I get for getting him for $4 as a peppermint shrimp at petland. :D


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i have one that is constantly working. always moving things around and making new tunnels. my tank water always has debris flying around because of him, but i get to enjoy clean sand around my rocks