TRADE: Tank Setup for Motorcycle


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The more and more than weather gets better I am wanting another toy. I am debating on trading my tank setup for a 300 to 600cc Crotchrocket.

Tank Overview:

80 Gallon Rimless RR Deep Blue with Starfire Front Panel. With 2x6 Unfinished Stand
40 Breeder Sump with 3 Baffles

SWC BMK 150 Extreme Skimmer
48" ATI Sunpower 6 Bulb with 1 month old bulbs. (missing 1 fan) with hanging kit.

DCP5000 Return Pump
4x RW-4 Wave Makers (2x have issues, but work great)
1x 165w Reef breeder Led Fuge Light

5.5G Ato Holder
NextReef MR1 Reactor
Dp-4 Doser plus 3 Jebao Dosing Containers

Neptune Apex Lite
- Temp & PH Probe
- Break Out Box Plus 4x Floats
- Display
- EB8
- Custom Probe Holder

Est 80lbs of Live Rock
80lbs of Sand

- Purple Tang
- Sailfin Tang
- Fox face
- Tribal Blenny
- Tailspot Blennny
- 2x Black Ice Extreme Clown Pair

Corals (not all listed)
- 6 Head Gold Torch
- Single Head Todd's Torch
- Single Head Rainbow Torch
- Single Head Gold/Yellow Torch

- 3 to 4 different color octo's with multiple heada
- Toxic, Splatter, Gold, Pink Hammers
- 8+ Frogspawn's different colors multiple heads.

Elegance Corals, Monti Caps

Skunk & Fire Shrimps

Zoas & Palys:
- Speckled Krak plus babies
- Hallucination plus babies
- Mutiple Incinerators
- Multiple Hyper Phoenix
- List goes on and on
- Electric Oompa Loompas
- OG Goblin Fire
- Utter Chaos
- 7+ Bowsers
- and many more

Misc Equipment:
- 36" 6 Bulb T5 Tek Light
- Brand new thing of Brs Carbon
- New Unopened 1G Mag Solution Mix
- Fragging Tools
- Refractometer
- Multiple Salifert Test Kits
- New 20L Tank
- 20L 3 baffles Sump
- 105 Plug Frag Rack System
- DIY 45 Plug Magnet Rack
- 1x 300w, 1x 250w, 1x 100w Ehiem Heaters

Probably forgetting something..

Not looking to separate anything at this time and no rush to get rid of.. But looking for a well running and taken care of bike. Reply or Text 315-561-8252


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I was riding all day yesterday and this gave me a chuckle.

Good luck... this might work better in the winter... or even a month ago. Very nice setup.