Trying to get Regal to eat


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I have tried:
hikari mega marine angel
Angel sponge based food
spiralina flake soaked in garlic

I am going to try:
red and purple sea weed
V-pro veg.

anyone know where to purchase V-pro veg?
marine depot doesn't sell it.
yes. I was thinking after a week to throw him into my display and hopefully watches the other fish eat and gets the idea.
not to tell you what you prob already know, but you should ask to watch the fish eat at the store before you buy it. It's sometimes hard I know but better in the long run. I had a kole that didn't eat for a week as well as a flame. bought them online. Maybe try live brine if you can get em. Good luck
Either cyanide or stress.

In QT it might help if it has more places to hide.

As far as learning to eat, I'd guess by this time it already knows how. It should at least look at things floating in the water, maybe mouth it and then spit it out. Pickup some live brine shrimp, that might get it excited enough to feed. Not much value food wise but it's a start.

How big is the fish and the QT?

Where do I purchase live brine?

40g qt with 30lbs of LR, penquin hob filter and aqua C remora skimmer.

The fish is about 3-4"
Cover the back, sides and about 1/2 of the front with something dark. Make sure motion seen from the top of the tank is limited. Your fish at this point doesn't have a clue what all this is about and will see most motion as a threat on it's life.

Oh, and stop tapping on the glass. :lol:

Some LFS carry live brine.

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your favorite place PTF has live brine...

I got a great deal at PTF! a beautiful golden puffer for a great price. They also have great prices on feeder crabs.

Guess I will go there for brine.

Thanks GTR, I will do that tonight.
almost, I missed the release by an hour.
the fish looks fat and healthy, so I thought it might do well.
5 hours before I put the fish in the tank, I did a 80% or so WC.


I plan on doing in 50% WC on Sat (when the prazi pro has run its course)