Upgrade Build- Dowtish's 120 gal Oceanic Tech Tank DSPS


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I'm excited to be starting this new build. It is an upgrade from an 85 gallon bowfront to a 4x2x2 120 gallon Oceanic Tech Tank with Starphire glass and eurobracing.

I bought a house a couple of weeks ago, so the upgrade is going to happen when I move. Crazy planning but life wouldnt be fun with out a challenge...right???:p

The plan is to keep my existing sump for now and the only equipment I am changing is the lighting, the return pump, and a new stand. I am also planning on doing a much more minimal scape this time and be very selective on my corals.

New equipment:
48" Giesmann Spectra SE MH 400w with 4 54w T5's
Speedwave DC 10000 controllable return pump- adding a manifold to run my biopellets and carbon reactors and chiller if needed.

Some pics of the light and stand.




I have a lot more to do at the new house before we actually move in next weekend and then the tank breakdown and transfer will follow a week after the furniture....So stay tuned!


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Getting closer to moving and trying to get things done at the new house.

Kinda lame update because there are no pics of the aquarium, but its still progress!

The tank room had carpet, so I ripped it out to put tile down. Instead of seeing a concrete slab I found old vinyl flooring. Being that the house is really old, it is very possible the flooring and the glue for it could contain asbestos. So instead of ripping it out and releasing asbestos fibers into the air I decided to leave it intact, which still makes it safe. So I got the 1/4 underlayment down last night and will start the tile tonight.


The yard needs a fence for my kids(3 dogs) :) I got the holes dug and the post in and concrete is curing!


And the upstairs bedrooms were awful crazy colors, so I had to get that fixed for the wife and her new office.



I will have the 120 brought to the house Friday evening and it will be getting a nice vinegar bath for a day and then I have to move all furniture this weekend. Then the 90 bowfront, the 10 gal nano, and the 30B will all be broken down and transferred over the following weekend...sheesh! I'm tired just typing it....

I promise better, more interesting pics to come!


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quick update

The tank soaking in Vinegar

The stand set in place

Time to clean

The tank has to be cleaned up and ready by Saturday morning as all the contents from the 85 will be moved over this weekend...Its getting real!


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Finally have a minute to update the thread here. I had a team come and help me break down the tanks at my old place and haul them to the new house yesterday. It took us about 3 hours to break down 3 setups and get them loaded. The night before I had a friend help me get the stand and tank in place as well as the lights hung. Then I filled the tank about 3/4th's full and got it to the right salinity and temp.

When we arrived to the house we still had to set the sump in place and plumb the tank. It was madness as my garage is in utter disarray and you couldnt find anything right after you set it down. I have been stressed out over this move knowing the lack of timing to really have a true plan for the setup so I did a simple drawing of the plumbing and ran to Lowes to get everything. I had to get new bulkheads and a couple of ball valves shipped overnight from BRS just to have everything I needed. I will say given all of the craziness I only had to make one extra run to Lowes for a 3/4 barbed 'T' and some brackets to hold the manifold. I am amazed that we got everything done in under 12 hours. The corals and fish had a bit too long to wait but everything seems really happy so far, other than 2 small chromis that were in my 30 gal frag tank. I have plans for a minimal scape but just didnt feel confident to lose all of biological filtration from the old rock. So I literally dumped 90 lbs of sand in the tank and just started dropping rocks in given the time frame and wanting to get the corals in the tank. So the pics below is not what the tank will look like in a couple of months.

Thanks to everyone that helped. I am in your debt just for putting up with me and my stressed out state.

Now on with the PICS!

Breaking down


Steel stand in place

Lights hung and the tank filling up


Plumbing and manifold



And almost complete



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I bet you are relieved the big part of the move is over. I was there a few months ago. Looks like everything was successful so far and I hope everything continues to run smoothly with the transition.


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Glad you got everything done. Hope everything makes it through the move!

So far so good!

I bet you are relieved the big part of the move is over. I was there a few months ago. Looks like everything was successful so far and I hope everything continues to run smoothly with the transition.

Huge weight off of my shoulders now.

wow nice system, and nice/fast move ! keep us posted :)

Thanks! Will do.