Upgrade to Biocube 14


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Hi All,

Thank you in advance for your help in this. I took down my 55G tank 2 weeks ago when it crashed and the cost to bring it back(in addition to saving space in the room we had it set up). With that we took out the old Biocube 14 gallon we had stored in the attic to set up as the girls wanted something.

With that the the stock pump is horrible(as discussed all over). I am not super handy when it comes to working in small tight places. I was looking to replace the stock pump with the Maxi-jet 900 but in a google search there are a few different MJ900 so which are the best? In addition can this pump be upgraded with out cutting or modifying the chambers? If not what recommendations are there for increasing waterflow without having to cut or modify the rear chambers?

Second question is it still has the stock lighting that came with them. Is there any recommended replacement bulbs/lights to allow for allow for keeping of more light requiring corals?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I did some research and most points to the MJ900 but that it sucks out more water than the chamber can hold. So i am confused.

Thank You,