Using Reeflo Snapper for return and skimmer - what do you think?


In Memoriam
I have a Reeflo Snapper return for my 170g tank and I was wondering if I can use it for both the return and a ETSS 800 skimmer? The return is about 4ft and the skimmer will be about 12" from the split in the return at the pump.

Let me know what you think and if it would be sufficient for the skimmer.

Thank you in advanced,
-Mike C.
I have heard some down draft users that were satisfied with the results of using the same pump for the return and for the skimmer. IME downdraft and beckett skimmers need a steady pressure of water to work optimally. Did you get the skimmer off of Tod ( slow Cobra)? If so I would ask him his thoughts about how well it would run with the skimmer and the return utilizing the same pump?
I dont think the snapper will run both, it is more for flow issues and not pressure. I run two and do not see enough flow from mine, to be used in that application.