"Wanted" Metal Halide


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Hello my fellow reefers, I am in dier need of a metal halide fixture, although I feel they are a tad bit over-priced, I will gladly pay for a used one if someone has an old one just lying around(not to old;)). I currently have a 55 gallon reef with a custom canopy, I am running four 110 watt vho's and one 65 watt pc, though it may sound like alot, I am looking for alittle more "intence light"!
If you put it in the seller's forum it will likely get deleted or moved. You could always post this in the WTB forum, or better yet, search through the seller's forum. Someone there always has them for sale.
You're right, the "selling forum" section does have a link to the WTB forum. However, the "seller's forum" as you said in the first place could mislead someone into thinking it is ok to list a wtb in the equipment selling forum, in which case it would be deleted.