what color is your tank background? post your pic


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Im starting up a new tank and just wanted to see some pics of different color backgrounds..atm my tank has a blue background
I was thinking purple.orange or maybe lime green for my new tank

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Mine is dark blue


Under the regular lighting it disappears



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Started as black.

A year and a half later, still appears black, but covered in red, green and purple coraline:
I just bought a 135g and have been wondering the same. My other tank is blue but I don't know if I want to paint this one the same. There are some 3d backgrounds that I've seen...one with a pic taken pointed up, at the surface that looks nice but almost every one I've seen in person looks incredibly cheesy. It does take a specific mounting adhesive that is supposed to make it viewable from the sides as well

I'm going to order it and see how it looks without mounting it. If it looks good I'll post a pic. If it looks bad, my answer will be "blue", I guess


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Have used blue and black.

However most overflows are black and most powerheads are black or grey. Since I want the equipment to disappear into the background black is my preference.

Latest build, powerheads aren't as obvious.