What happened to Quality Aqua?


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I tried to stop by last week only to find out that they are only open Saturdays from 1-5pm for "summer hours". Wish they would update their website to reflect that. I went back on Sat and the store looked terrible, there wasn't much in stock at all, and just not what I was expecting at all.

What happened to the store? It used to be one of the nicest in the area as far as I was concerned. I already did a search but only came up with posts from earlier in the year and none of them mentioned anything about this.


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Just a guess, but maybe they are leaning towards more of the maintenance side. Personally, I liked the old store better.


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Just a guess, but maybe they are leaning towards more of the maintenance side. Personally, I liked the old store better.

I agree I went in when the new shop opened and never went back. The old store seemed much nicer.


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62 views and not a single reply? Did I ask a taboo question??

I was waiting for an Yale or Jeff to provide their 2-cents before responding. Maybe they will chime in now that other people have responded. Quality has been doing brisk business on the maintenance side but it's been slower on the retail side.

I never made it by their location when it was on Santa Fe - quite bummed to realize it was such a great shop only after the fact.

Their current place is very close to my office but their hours have always been difficult for me. They didn't open until the afternoon (too late for my lunch breaks). They were also closed one or two days of every week (it seemed they were always closed when I really needed something). Saturdays don't help me much. When my wife says 'let's do something nice like have a picnic in a green mountain field' and I respond 'no, I want to go to the fish store'... ... ... I'll let you take a guess at her response.


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I went to the one off Santa Fe a few times but the new store is much closer to my house. I think the new store is similar to the old. I have appreciated their insight and also the reasonable price for R.O. but they have very limited fish. I stopped trying to go to their store because the last 3 or 4 times I have tried they were supposed to be open but were closed, or I forgot the days they are closed and needed water and when it is 6:30 that doesn't leave much time to go elsewhere. I usually go to Ki's now but if Quality will have some consistent hours I would be happy to give them a try again.

I agree with miwoodar that Sat is tough for me to go to the fish store compared to stopping by on my way home after work.