What's up with my chromis


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I had purchase 3 two weeks ago and somehow one magically disappeared. That left me with two. Yesterday I picked up two more and they were all swimming together. I just came back from lunch at home....now there are only three swimming around together....I have no predators but I do have opportunists!


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Chromis kill each other off until there are two or three left. Chances are good if you continue to add them the two you have will continue to kill them. I have read that very large groups 9+ may do better but IME groups of 7 or less eventually end up with just 2 or 3 left alive.


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Chromis tend to mysteriously disappear...lol On the serious side Chromis are very territorial and aggressive. Most likely the missing was killed by the others. I started out with a dozen and ended up with 2 so dont sweat it too much


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The LFS that are located in Broome Co. that is.

I am with you on that one. Now if I opened a fish store...