when do i start dosing for calcium?


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when do i start dosing for calcium?and what do i dose? kalkwasser, calcium supplements like tech C B? what are the pros and cons of each type of supplement? is there a benefit to buying salt that has enhanced calcium levels? do i not need to dose for calcium if the levels are high enough? i am asking because i still dont know wether to get tropic marin or tropic marin pro reef. lol. still in the process of setting up my tank and i want to get everything rite. lol
You need to start dosing calcium when 1) you are testing both calcium and alk levels, 2) you have animals with need for calcium and 3) your tested level drops below what they need. Lots of variables...your stocking, your salt mix, your water change schedule. The main thing, though, is to get a good test kit and only dose as indicated.

Kalkwasser worked for me for a long time but as demand went up I found that it was just too much hassle to mix that much every day. At that point I moved to a 2-part supplement even though it was more expensive. Eventually you may get to the point where it is worth the expense of a calcium reactor.

I wouldn't buy a more expensive salt mix just for higher calcium levels, though. It is easy enough to supplement. (I do use TM and have been happy with the stability...I've only had one bucket that was "off".)
You need to dose CA and ALK to maintain certin levels, I choose to maintain 7-8 DKH, and 410 PPM CA, I dose CA when my levels drop below that.

I use Randy's 2-part and use Kalk 24/7 currently, but in the begining I just bumped my levels every once and a while when I needed with either 2 part or a comertial ca or alk supplement.

I use kalk 24/7, test weekly for calcium and alk, then come up with a daily dose of needed calcium or alk components. I'm using dow flake for calcium and baking soda for alk. IMO, kalk is the best way to go until you can't make up enough then use other means. I use the ones I do because of resonable price.