Where to buy lime


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Ok this might be totally stupid...actually I'm sure it is...

But I'm just looking into getting a system for adding limewater to my tank...up until now I've only had a FOWLR set up and am now looking at adding corals (actually I've already gotten a green star polyp frag) want to avoid problems before they start.

As much information as many of the articles I've read have been, they have not provided an answer to where to buy this stuff?

Although I suppose what I mean to say is it something you can only buy at your LFS or can you buy it in a chain store (Meijer, homedepot, etc) for other uses.

Please don't rip on me too badly :)
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have you tryed the canning section of your grocery? Mrs. Wages in Tenn. @ Hill's grocery $1.58 per lb. exactly as Randy stated in the article. REEF-ON!!!


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Nano4brains is buying it at a store, where it is presumably marked up at least a little, for $1.58/lb yet it costs $3.85/lb+shipping online directly from the mfgr? What gives?

Anyone know a local source in/near RI?