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i'm new to this forum and i wanted to setup a 125g fish-only tank. i didnt want to purchase live rock, but i was told by a friend there's a place that sells dried-up rock, that was once live? does that make any sense? sorry if it doesn't.

any help or thoughts would be nice. thanks.


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live rock that is now dead is pretty much a waste of tiume cause it aint live anymore hehe.

Thers is a place in they keys that makes its own rock, they leased a bti of the sea in the guilf of mecico i think put 400 million tons of rock in it 10 years later loads of the best live rock in the world.

im forgetting the name im sure somone can direct you, the rock has tons of life on it you will love it


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Premium Aquatics, www.premiumaquatics.com, has great live rock at reasonable prices. HiRocks has been hit and miss -- some people get nice base rock, others get boulders. In either case it's heavier and more dense than most live rock.


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What your refering to is base rock. Its live rock that has had everything on it die, so thats its no longer live. To save money you can do about 50% live rock and 50% base rock and all the organisms on the live rock will eventually migrate to the base rock and make it live again. Its a good way to save some money but it will take longer to achieve the look your desiring.