Where to find a Gigas


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Anybody know where to get a reasonable sized (4") gigas. I don't think I've ever seen one for sale, but I know some people have them. Can anyone post pictures of them (must be in an aquarium)? I saw a cool pic posted by Jim Norris a while back but I don't think it was for sale. Thanks.
i think if you check out his site (jim norris), he is supposed to be getting some gigas' in. he has 1 for sale for $1000 on the website.

Holy cow!

Holy cow!

I think that is the one Jim posted pictures of. Problem is, I don't have an olympic sized saltwater swimming pool to keep him in (or $1000 to buy him). He is a cool clam though. Thanks rxx2
I was hoping that some of the gigas' Jim is supposed to get in 8/25 are of a little smaller size. Would love to get one but am having a "problem" with my maximas at the moment. Would love to see pics if you are able to get one Squidman.
I believe Barry has some 4" gigas on his web page for sale I'm already looking into one my self:D
Thanks clamlvr. I saw that last night but didn't post about it because of this mess that he's in. I'm honestly not sure if sharing that info on the public forum is considered commercial or not.
I wonder how big a tank they need? Maybe we could start the "Gigas Police". I've always wanted to be a "police". :D
To grow full size they need a huge huge tank.They get about 5' long and about 5' or 6' tall.I have seen one getting housted on to boat.The clam had to weigh at least a ton,they where using a crane.They have also drowned scuba divers.Divers get to close to the opening,and the clam closes and will not open back up.
I recently picked up (1) 3-4" Gigas from Barry, along with a few others. They are all adjusting well and the photo on the site is representative of mine.

PS: I am hoping to be caught and drown by him someday:rolleyes: