which one for 120g


ugust 2011
i am planning to set up 120g.. i am interesting to get stream,but i am not sure wich one....i need ur recomendation
Look in the Tunze USA forum on this site. First page under supporing vendors. I ordered 2 6000 streams for my 120. I don't want a stong current. My tank is to be delivered Saturday and the Tunzes won't be in for a few weeks. Therefore, I can't offer any useful advice on how they work. I found a tremendous amount of advice in this forum. Also, I think someone from Tunze frequents that site and will give you good advice.
I would get 2 6000 Stream and a multicontroller. I would need to no more about your tank to really make a definite recommendation but this should give a general idea.
thankx for an answear...tank would be 48x24x30...oceanic reef ready..i will have 2 iwaki for retutrn and i would like to get strerams for curent,so if u think 2 6000 would be the best ..i probably got with it...
do u know if they out of stock?..
I think if you call around you amy be able to find someone with stock or at least not be too far behind in backorders.