who will I eat?


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I think I'm going to move my fuzzy dwarf lion into my big tank (40 breeder), but I'm not sure who has any chance of surviving him in there... the current inhabitants:
~2-2.5" (maybe more) Falco Hawk (thinking he'll be fine because of his taller body shape)
~1.75-2" Yellowtail Damsel (he too has a rather deep body, so I'm thinking he may be alright)
2-2.5" Sixline Wrasse
2-3" Yellow Watchman Goby and tiger pistol

now, this tank is a pretty well established reef filled with coral, so tearing it down to get fish out isnt really an option. I will try a baited fish trap (inverted bottle) for a week or so.

the only fish I can realistically see myself being able to remove is the hawk, and maybe the damsel.

from what I've observed from my lion, he tends not to hunt unless I havnt fed him enough. if I gave him large meals every other day, I think he'd probably be lazy enough not to bother the other fish.

is it really worth tearing my tank apart to get them all out? will it hurt my lion if he does eat any of them?


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yeah, I kinda figured. the hawk wont have a chance being so much thicker than the others?

will it hurt him if he eats any of them? I'll try to get them out, but besides the hawk and maybe the damsel I dont see myself having much success.

also how will he do with MH lighting; he'll be okay, right?