Will my damsel kill my new Watchman Goby?


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I just bought a watchman goby today and should I move my damsel out into the quarantine tank (which just happened to have the light
burn out earlier yesterday). It is the all blue fiji damsel...not sure the
exact type ...but just blue and kinda white/clear tail and small silver
markings on his face.

But will a damsel try to kill my tiny watchman goby ...he is probably less
than a inch long.


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sounds like a velvet damsel, if there in that 75 with lots of rock it will last a while. if its in that 40 maybe a week. I had on and it killed a koren angel, igot his as-- though. i got a 7 inch puffer for it to chase, 2 days all it took. I had 85-90 pounds of rock too. Was not about to take it out for Damsel


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I think hes a 'Chrysiptera cyanae' aka 'Electric blue damselfish'

Pretty sure because he has the markings on his face and the black
spot near his tail.

BTW...this is in my 12 gallon nano tank...not a 75 or 40 those are my
fw tanks.

I saw him maybe make a move to look at or attack the damsel earlier. but i got my net out and will take him out soon if no replys.


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I'd advise the damsel go back to the fish store: he will cause you more trouble than the watchman (who can be quarrelsome too) ever will.