Will there be an Oct meeting?


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Steve had mentioned in September that there will be a meeting for October, but I can't remember the date. IIRC, it's usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month, which would make it the 16th, but it may be the 23rd this month. I'm sure a meeting announcement will be stickied on the forum over the next few days.


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Oh man, I really made a mess of this one. Just got back from a rough week on the road and signed on to post the meeting announcement for the 23rd. But when I looked at the email from the Lutz I realized that the third Sunday is the 16th and that's when we have the Nature Center booked. I don't know what to do now... do we have a meeting Sunday with only a day's notice, or try to work something else out for the 23rd?



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:wavehand: spoke w/todd from fintastic and Saturday would be another option. would keep sunday open for not missing your favorite football game