Will this work???? Hydroponic 225 LED Grow Light Panel Blue White

First off I put this question here because of all the knowledge in LED builds.....I would not build this but found it to buy for dirt cheap... Would it work? Here is some info on it, thank you.

Output Voltage 46V
Frequency 47-63Hz
LED Qty 225pcs (112 Blue LEDs + 113 White LEDs)
Color Blue and White
Blue LED Lumen 5.55 Lux x 112 LEDs (621.5lux in total)
Blue LED Wavelength 450nm
LEDs Diameter 5mm
Light Panel Size 12" L x 12" W x 1-1/2" H
Hey Kcress, thank you for responding. Work for main tank? Work for sump? I had no idea they are old LEDs have been out of the hobby for many years. Just putting my set up together one piece at a time. So when I came across this I thought I would ask. I know I would get the right info from somebody.


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Yes it would work. I'm not so sure it would work for SPS. It would be best to know what color spectrum the white is. I suspect it's probably warm white. You have to be careful that it might grow algae but if it's dirt cheap might be worth trying. Good quality old LEDs work just fine, they're just not as bright. What is the wattage of that fixture?
Power Supply AC80-265V 13W......found this but nothing about wattage. It's only $37 so I think I will order two and see what they are like.
Not growing anything yet. Trying to put together a new set up and found the LEDs. Got a 110gal tank for $48 and a sump for $25. Now the LEDs for $37 each. I will order the lights today. Let's hope for the best.


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5 mm LEDs will not penetrate into the water very far. Might work for a fish only tank, but unlikely to sustain much in the way of coral. By the numbers you provided for the power supply, I suspect it's 13 watts, which is not a lot of power.


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How this led work out for you are thy any good
I'm planing on replace my 48inch 8x t5 to led
It's time to Change the bulb on my t5 and that will cost me $250
But I find same light you have $125 for 5 panels
What you think buy the led's or just replace my t5