wtb: sump


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hi guys, i'm looking for a sump, preferably about 30 gallons because i tried my old 40 gal and it doesn't quite fit under my stand. thanks in advance, greg
I have a brand new one I got from Jeffs in Gardena. It is 36X13X16"tall, undrilled and has a filter sock. It sells for $229.95 plus 8.25% tax. I would take $225.00 for it.
greg..i have a 30 long glass aquarium with acrylic baffles ready to be siliconed in place. I was going to use it, but it looks like my current sump will be fine for me. $100 if you're interested.
thanks for you replies but it seems that i'm not gonna be needing to get one for awhile since i can't set up a new system yet.