You ever just sit back and want to laugh


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I was/have been tearing down my 110g so to set up my new 220g (which is just about finished)
I had 3 x 80w t-5 retro on my 110g and had ordered another 3 x 80 and was setting that up.
I sat there got everything wired, the reflectors set up, peeled the protective coating, clipped them on etc...
However, when I went downstairs to get my old ones and put them on the new canopy I had my moment.
For the past 10 months or so, I have been running my lights with the protective coating still on the reflectors!!!!!!!!

How does someone not notice this AAAGGGGHHHHH.

So I've tried to clean theim up as best as I could but who knows?
I agree,
I was just mad that, although my corals have doing great under the t-5's it could have been even better if I hadn't put a dampener on my reflectors!
You have to laugh at moments like that cause if you don't you'll go CRAZY!
I seem too have to many of those moments though.....:eek: :lol:
I have done many of thoes things. Once I got a new return pump I was so happy and excited. got it all plumbed in and almost no water flow. after taking ALL the plumbing apart I noticed the pump plug had shot up into my "T" I took the other one out but forgot the one on the output. All the mess of re plumbing just for a .03 cent plug. I ready to admitt my self to the nut house after that
Orbit puts styrofoam spacers under and between their PC lights... I was running a fixture with 384 watts of PC bulbs for 6 months with the styrofoam melting between the bulbs... Took me a while to figure out what these amoeba looking plastic shapes were when I was changing the bulbs.
I just got a 96w PC retro kit and the last owner hadn't remove the blue plastic protective coating off. I just laugh when i saw it!
I once installed weatherproof electrical outlets (with plastic covers) way too close to a tank and realized it was impossible to open the covers without hitting the tank :)

had to move them of course.

another one

I was building a 15G acrylic tank for use as an RO resevoir.
After a days work I left it on a piece of plywood over two sawhorses. Foolishly I left the tank off to one side, on the complete edge unsupported by the sawhorses.

On the other side of the plywood were some fairly heavy clamps. These were the only thing keeping the tank from falling and flipping the plywood.

I was wedged under a shelf later doing something else and asked my girlfriend to go get me one of the clamps off the 'workbench'.

Of course the tank went tumbling right away, sending the other clamp flying. The tank rolled and bounced on the corners several times....... Completely unharmed except for a tiny chip on the outer corner of the top rim. Using 3/8" acrylic and 2" eurobrace makes for one strong tank!

I've been using that 15g topoff tank for about a month now. no problems, not a scratch on it! lucky me.....
I did the same thing. I couldn't get the palstic off though because it was melted on so I had to replace the reflectors.
I just called reefgeek and are getting new reflectors.
I must say that the parabolic reflectors that I got with the new retro kit are nice!
Needless tosay a whole lot better than what I had (including plastic covering)!

How can we forget these little things and still be able to maintain an entire environment of life in a little box?
Not tank related, but just as much of a "DOH" moment:

I finished rebuilding the engine for my 72 VW Ghia.
I put it in and went through the mental checklist: Battery cable - check, throttle cable- check, elec fuel pump- check, etc, etc.

So I started it & it fired right up first try I revved it a couple times and it souded just like a VW is supposed to - GREAT!

I then looked down at the case of oil sitting on the ground UNOPENED!!!

I shut it down & told myself it was just a "rapid break-in period".

I put the oil in & it ran for years until I got rid of it.