You think your algae is bad...

You didn't think octopus skimmers built themselves did you?

But on a serious note, I highly doubt warmer waters and additional rainfall contributed to all of this, as the article mentioned.
Phosphates being dumped into the water. It's a huge issue around the world not just in our reef tanks. The specialty chemical companies are having to phase out phosphates so they don't enter the water systems and create nuisance algae. Maybe they need a big reactor with some Phosphate media in it :lol:
New York Times had a whole video series about pollution in China.

If you can find it I highly recommend watching it. One segment was specifically about this algae. It is so bad that the water coming out of faucets is the same color.

In some places there is no algae but the water has chemicals from a local paper mill. People who have bathed in the water for generations, a village of 100 or so, half have cancer from it.

From the reports it seems that the Chinese are all about productivity and that the take a higher GDP over anything. Very scary.
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But on a serious note, I highly doubt warmer waters and additional rainfall contributed to all of this, as the article mentioned.

On a more serious note, you could get put in prison for talking like that........ well atleast untill the games leave ;)
Im asian and I am telling you, China sucks. They say the USA sucks? Chinese government doesn't care about ethics, environmental issues, and human rights. All they care about is military and money.

So let's see here, this is the most air-polluted Olympics EVER, they dump multitudes of hazzardous materials throughout their natural water systems (affecting other asian countriers, mind you) and they "blame it on the rain".

Wow, these Chinese governments. Ofcourse we all know some crazy communist official (or two) literally put a gun on the scientists' head and made them blame it on the rain or else they and their families will die.

Yeah, China is growing in an unpresidented way. But there is NOTHING to respect about China ethically, humanitarian-wise, and environmentally. Somebody should kick them out of the UN Security Council and saction their butts.
i agree

i agree

I am Chinese as well, and the the culture is void of morals. Growth over anything. The polution, overfishing, human rights makes me sick.

One of the things that makes me sick is the penchant to just disregard life. If an animal was to go on the endangered species list, there is a good chance it would be ignored and just caught/eaten like everything else.

I cant say its an asian thing, more of a poor and uneducated thing.

Ive witnessed this on fishing trips on party boats as well. Even though there is literature and signs everywhere that say u can not keep fish under a certain length and how preservation must be kept to ensure future generations, this is completely ignored with some of the lower class citizens on the boat.
They need to get a hold of the Germans who used rowaphos to clean up a local lake in a "special" reactor if I recall correctly;)