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I use photobucket..after uploading your image there. go to the photo, some different options appear on the bottom, click the copy url option and then paste it right on here...easy cheesy!


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I do it a little different I think..Same as Justin I use photobucket..

I up load picture to photobucket..
I copy the URL of the picture on photo-bucket
Then here I do this..

That pastes the picture direct on the thread instead of the little click-able shadow box some see here


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Yea I don't do the clickable shadow boxes...i edit the size to medium so its not massive...more than 1 way to skin a cat. lol


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I also use photobucket.

When viewing individual photos, If you copy the "IMG code" under the menu "share this photo" then you can just paste on these boards what you copied and you'll be set.


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You upload the images to that site. When you want to show a picture, you go to your photobucket account and click the Image code under the picture. Paste that code into whatever you want to say here at Reef Central, and the image will show up.