2 Float switches in series and Apex


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I spent 2 hrs trying to get this figured out. Hooking up 2 float switches in series to turn off an Apex outlet if any of the switches are UP (open). Using the other as a backup in case the 1st float fails.

With it normal (both switches down-closed), if I pull any floats up, it turns off the outlet. So it's working correctly.

The problem is at normal state, I want it to be Open (both switches down), that way my Apex menu screen is not orange color.

So I reversed both float valves. This shows the screen as open BUT the valves will not turn off the outlet until BOTH floats are UP.
I tried very combination-wires, floats, programming, and can't get it to work showing normal state as OPEN and when EITHER UP (closed) on EITHER float to turn off the outlet.

Any idea to what I am doing wrong?


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In series or parallel, the only redundancy you will get is when the outlets are open since BOTH switches will need to be in the open position for the circuit to truly be open. Thus, if one switch is still closed, the circuit will still be closed until both switches are in the open position. Closed will only require one of the 2 switches to close the circuit.


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Thanks for the inputs. I just went ahead and separated both floats to each input.
I originally didn't want to do this to keep the input available for future projects.