20 gallon high nano tank startup thread


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I posted a similar thread on the newbie section but this will be my setup and build thread

well, i have a 20 gallon tank that i am planning on converting into a nano reef. i would like to use this filter (the 50 gallon one, and i plan on growing macroalgae in the space for the cartrige) along with a filter cartridge:

but i have a question about lighting

i would like to be able to house SPS corals. would this light work (50 watt model)


or should i just stick with this t-5 HO 4 bulb fixture?




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If you want an asps tank you need to consider skimmers, method of keeping calcium/alk constant, and good waterflow. Your going to need more than an aquaclear. (unless you are not talking about acropora. i have some monti and birds nest that are growing in my 5g with an aquaclear, but they arent too finicky in terms of dirty water. acros like it cleaner.)

i only see a 70w and a 150w model.
i would think wither would be fine, but since the tank is tall, the 150w would be better.


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I know I kinda went back and forth with you on the lighting in your other thread but I just saw this post today.

If you have a budget that you want to stay under for equipment. You should post that and more people can help with equipment suggestions. A viper MH 150w lighting on a 20h would be more then enough light IMO to keep any kind of corals.

If your looking for keeping SPS corals at some point. Your going to need lots of flow as well. I would recommend a Vortech MP10 for that. You can spend just about as much with 3-4 korilia powerheads which are still great but you still wont be able to get the nice randomness of a Vortech.

For filtration. You will need a fuge. Either get a Hang on the back fuge. Or buy a big Aquaclear and mod it to be a fuge. The bigger the better. I would still recommend if going that route a 110 as I suggested in your other thread.