24G Aquapod..mods?


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anyone do any mods to there aquapod?

I would like to do a lighting upgrade..

I read somewhere that the ballast can support 40W bulbs, so that would be a minor upgrade i suppose

not much room it seems to do one but wouldlike to hear/see anyones mods to this system
people scrape the paint off the back, and turn one comparment into a fuge, someimtes they mod and put on surface skimmers, im nto to familiar with the aquapod, but search around, there's a goldmine of stuff
Looks good icenine, think i will do something similar...Originally going to be a clown pair tank, but now here is what i am thinking:

seahorse pair
helifrichis (sp.) firefish
yahasa/pistol shrimp

black sand


so you think the stock lighting will be enough?
Stock lighting should be just fine for that selection... just be careful as to what gorg you choose.
I've not kept SH... so I'm not sure what fish wold be good choices to house with them.