250 Watt Aqua Medic HQI


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Per the title, Do you think that the 250 Watt Aqua Medic HQI
would light a 36" length tank well?
It's a 58 gallon oceanic.
36"x19x20 roughly.
Would the ends appear dark?
I plan to use a full length 96 watt, full or 50/50 supplement actinic light.
What do you think?


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I don't have that light, so I can comment. But, I do have a 58, and I have 2 bulbs over it. ( 175 SE ), using a full Hamilton hood, so it sits on the tank.

You could get by with one but there might be darker spots on the ends.

Here is an older picture of mine, only the left bulb is one, and you can see the one side is darker. Granted it isn't centered and is high above the tank, but gives you some food for thought.


And here is a picture of my 29 (( only 30" long )) with a single 250 over it. It is a current fixture with only MH, but might help too -- the corners are darker, but I don't maid too much. And if I really wanted to could hang it to get better spread.



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yeah, the sides aren't too dark in that last one.
The first one isn't even too bad.
I really only plan on doing a single off center rock pile and leaving the rest open. So I guess darker corners wouldn't be bad....


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being that the bulb would be 250 watts, plus I have the one full length
96watt bulb that would balance it out a bit, do you think?


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here is my 50g (36") with the aquamedic over it. it looked fine and i just kept my softies and lower light requiring corals to the sides and sps in the middle


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wow awesome! thanks a bunch for that!
I never thought of trying to "use" the darker spots to my benefit.
Hey that's not a built in overflow is it???
Where did you get it? I'm drilling my tank and still trying to find some different overflows.
thanks again for the posts guys.