6100 Mounting


Will Dive For Food
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Roger - I received my 6100's yesterday and am curious as the mounting options one would use with a glass tank with trim. Forgive me in advance if I am missing something obvious, but it appears the mounting solution provided is geared more towards a trimless tank installation. I am pondering ways to implement the installation and was curious if you could offer any ideas. Tank is typical Oceanic with trim and small lip for glass lids.



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Give me a call and I can get the parts out to you. I am stepping out to get lunch but if you call in an hour or so I should be back. You will need kit 3000.244, it is a set of long screws with a suction cup and spacer set to accomodate Oceanic trim.



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I mounted my 6110 on the slot of overflow in my Oceanic 200. It's not pretty and furthermore tedious to mount, but it works.