75 Saltwater Tank for Sale - Complete Set Up, Moving forces Sale!


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75 Saltwater Tank for Sale - Complete Set Up, Moving forces Sale!
Perfect for a beginner who is thinking about saltwater, this tank has been set up for over a year and has never had any problems.

Equipment; All Glass 75 Gallon tank, 75 Gallon Wood Stand, All Glass 75 Gallon hood, Fuval 405 canister filter, CPR back pack 2 protein skimmer, and a extra water jet for skimmer or extra water flow included. Also 10 gal quarantine tank with hood light, and power filter included.

Lighting; 1 brand new Coral Life T-5 strip light, 1 All glass strip light with new light.

Extras; Hydrometer, testing supplies, food, salt, and mixing bucket, everything that you need to get started! - 30 lbs of base rock/live rock, and 30 lbs of live sand also included!

Fish/Inverts/Coral; Black long spine urchin, 2 camel shrimp, Yellow Eye Tang, Clarki Clown, Royal Gramma, purple mushroom coral, all included with deal. If desired I also would sell my tank raised Bangaii Cardinal - $30, and a blue mandarin - $30. Fish are extremely healthy and all but the mandarin have been in tank over 6 months. I have never had any disease problems as I always use a quarantine tank for at lest 4 weeks before adding a fish to my display tank.

Call 920-544-4665 and leave message. I will help with delivery and set up for a local buyer, I am not willing to divide the equipment so please don’t ask, If you’re not interested in the fish/inverts/coral that’s ok.









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Where are you moving to?

I don't need any of the hardgoods, but Pm me about the cards...I'd be interested in them (how many have you got?).


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I'm thinking that I might be better off tearing down the tank and selling the live stock seperate. Anyone intersted in then fish/inverts let me know.