Aggressive Clown Behavior


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I was wondering if anybody had experience with a clown being aggressive toward you? Each time I put my hand in my tank to change/fix something, my clown pair attacks me almost immediately! I've tried chasing them away somewhat, but the behavior is really getting annoying - especially when they surprise me. I think they have realized that they are somewhat successfull in chasing me away.

Are there any good remedies to this other than wearing full arm gloves?


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I use those bright-yellow rubber gloves you get in the cleaning section of the supermarket,, they still have a nip, but I can't feel it.

It's the surprise of a bite that bugs me too, I've nearly pulled over my 29g a couple of times because they made me jump.

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lmao. that's pretty funny. Is there an anem in the tank? If so it's them protecting their home and there's not much you can do to stop it


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The whole tank is their anemone! The disturbing thing is that they seem to know where to nip to get the biggest reaction. If I am placing a frag, they will swim into my hand and nip me in the palm area.

I've tried chasing them away, but they are back instantly to defend their territory.


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I haven't figured out yet how to get my Fire Clown to quit attacking my hand. Finally broke down and ordered some 10" forceps from Live Aquaria to pick up and place small stuff towards the top of the tank and the stuff at the bottom is just on its own. However, on one occasion I did need to reach to the bottom of the tank and used a piece of egg crate to block him to one side so that mean little sucker couldn't take a nip (which usually results in me banging my head on the hood when I jerk away). Of course those arm protector things they use when training guard dogs might also be a worthwhile investment. :D