Another round of new pest.... Sigh


broke but happy
I was wondering what is happen to my 2 favorite Zoa colonies

I thought its melting and losing color from too much lights so I decided to set up another tank with less light.after I transfer Zoa colonies in my cube I notice some other Zoa colonies are receding too.And today in the glass I saw A large freaking Zoa eating nudibranch.
I never notice it my main tank because I have 20 plus wrasse that will eat them but now that it's on a cube without a wrasse it's very noticeable .
I dip everything but I guess revive don't kill this pest. I guess I need to get rid some of my NPS so I can QT on a bio cube

I can't go out today to get coral RX ...can I do fresh water dip the Zoa without lugols solution saince I am also out.

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That sucks... I have had those when i first started. Thats why i always dip and turkey baste with the solution till the polyps are closed. That way i can inspect the whole thing for eggs ect...


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Just dipped some of my zoas last week with this same problem. I dip everything but I guess the eggs survive and got through. Now they're in a QT and I'm hoping I took care of the problem.

Good luck and keep us posted. Especially if you find something that works...


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Lawrence, sorry you are having this streak! Hang in there, I'm sure you'll get this under control.


broke but happy
Unfornately I can't leave my house today

But I will pick up the coral RX from Brian in the morning
The damage was done already and both colonies are partially close more than half are eaten and the color fades.
I moved my red tail tamarin to hopefully pick on the nudibranch we shall see....
In times like this I wish I have the dependable sixline.

This hobby can be a big burden than rewards It seems.
Sigh...tomorrow i will dip and then QT in my bio cube.
Move my gorgonians in the sump.